Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nocturnal Musing.

The clock was ticking in a room a little further away. 
She waited for the door to open. 
She lay down on her back,staring at the white ceiling above - infinite and untouchable. 
Thousands of bloody images flashed across her mind- of loathe,of anger,of death. 

She believed love was a phase of transience - of misinterpreted dreams. 
She believed happiness was a facade - offered to her in a golden goblet on a Parisian masquerade. 
She looked around the familiar room one last time. 
The white wall now clawed and bloody - glared back in disgust. 

 The clock clicked twelve times. 
The bedroom door was left ajar - one last time. 
She sat waiting with a smile. 

 Minutes later, as the infernal moonlight flooded the frozen room, his soft footsteps were heard. 
The dagger shone in the darkness - 
and she turned ever so slightly to see the love in his eyes as she said, "I've been waiting.What took you so long?"