Friday, November 11, 2011

Platonic.So Platonic.

The month of November has forever been special to me.
It marks the beginning of a short but pleasant winter spell in Calcutta and at some point of time in my life, the month held a different meaning, the residue of which still lingers on.
Today is 11/11/11.
The birthday of a man who forever makes my heart skip a beat - and i still don't know why!
I clearly remember the first time I saw his picture - on the last page of The Telegraph in 1996 - on a poster of the Titanic.
A 5 year old me had asked my brother, "Who is this?" and he had nonchalantly replied, "Oh.. Leonardo DiCaprio".

Back then,what I had inferred of that complicated name was "Lionaardo TeeeCapio".
"This boy is so cute", I had shyly exclaimed.
Then I saw the boy again.
He was playing basketball on TV and he yelled a lot.
My brother laughed as I asked him how he could jump like that in spite of being that skinny?
The boy was such a mystery.

Years passed and I began pronouncing his name correctly. I began seeing more of him on TV - making my heart skip more and more number of beats.
Then adolescence happened. Internet happened.
He went from being blond to brunette - from being Jack Dawson to Jay Gatsby.
I saw his pictures, read about his life, saw more of his movies and my imagination gave way to a growing feeling that I didn't know would last this long.

I have forever been fascinated with Scorpio men. (Guilty)
They're strange. Mysterious. Dubiously practical - and I am drawn to all of this like a moth to a flame.(Guilty again)
Creepiness attracts me :|
I don't like normal.Normal is no fun.

I admire this man from a distance - a distance of a possible 8,158 miles.

I dreamt of meeting him someday - telling him how I feel every time I hear him speak, every time I see him on TV. Every time I read about him trying to save the environment.
I dismissed my feelings as a "Teenage Infatuation" (well, by then "relationship" happened)
But years have gone by and certain things remain unchanged.

Today is 11/11/11.
Leonardo DiCaprio turns 37 today (and I am 21)
I smile at his poster on my door this morning and feel like a school girl again.
I giggle giddily as I see his interview on the news today.
Yes, now he doesn't look anything like he did in the picture uploaded above.
Yet, my nyaka teenager laugh remains.

Certain things never change - and they must remain unchanged.
I am essentially a focused person.
Therefore, when I act like Dante, treating this man as my Beatrice, I've a point - however neurotic it may sound.
Loving from a distance and the whole idea of being platonic surely makes a lot of sense when it comes to such situations - where you know this is the only way out.
But platonic or not, the funny rumbling in your tummy and the lunatic grin on your face stays.

And sometimes, in this world where nothing is true, you'd rather find happiness in surreal pleasures.

Hence :

"it's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die ..
The world will always welcome lovers
..As time goes by"

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