Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Because Sometimes It Doesn't Matter.

There was a hole in her heart. It grew colder with time.
Colder and desolate she became.
She thought love was an allegory - one you read about when you wanted to make yourself feel better. A myth like Santa Claus.
On lonely nights, she held on to the wrenching pain in her chest - the hole in her heart grew colder.
She knew it wasn't worth the pain. None of it was.
But the pain never disappeared. And, the hole grew colder and colder with time.
Two years passed by. She had learned to live with the coldness in her heart. She had forgotten how to smile but learned how to pretend. Yes, she was good at flashing a pretentious smile.

And, the world never knew.

The world never knew the hurt she went through. How she was treated. How love only brought her misery. Misery that only she could fathom.
Yes, love was an allegory.

She believed she could live through life without ever going through the hurt again - ever going through the nonsense called "love"

Then, blew the winds of change.
A change that made her gray world gain patches of color. Patches of dark brightness.
A change which overshadowed some of the suspicion. A change which made her smile again.
A change which made the hole in her heart grow smaller and less colder.
She could feel the hole disappearing with time - every time this change was closer.
He was too good to be true. She knew.

But none of it mattered because the winds of change began to blow.
She began dreaming of a world where she wouldn't have to live with the hole in her heart.
The coldness in her soul.
He was there to spread the warmth. Unknowingly, nonetheless.

Did it matter? - because, the clouds had decided to part ways and she could see the sun again.

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