Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adieu Old Friends...

I became a 2nd year student last year. The joy my fellow classmates and I experienced at being promoted "one floor up" was, well, inexplicable. A broader ledge, less of a crowd wanting to occupy them and the wish to be away from the noisy juniors downstairs. Yes, we had it all under control.
Until a few months back... When we had a couple of visitors in the classroom. Beaked, winged and precious -- they were a family of pigeons occupying the PG I classroom and our's (they found us to be the most hospitable, i presume)
We loved these uninvited visitors. Not only did they distract the professors (and give us a break) from long, boring lectures, their household activities sure provided us with laughs.
Last winter, since they've come, we saw mamma pigeon pregnant,then came the little beaky(s) and of course the failure the proud parents felt as the beaky(s) unsuccessfully tried to gain flight.
Yes, we thought we had seen it all.
As the humidity set in, Calcutta was no more pleasant. So weren't the conditions in the classroom. With the summer heat on, the fans came on too. As we swore under our breaths for the slow speed of the fans, the beaky family were horrified at them being switched on. But,we never noticed.
Last week, we saw one of the babies injured and two dead in our classroom. It was early in the morning and some of us who were there had no clue as to what is to be done!
Our HOD got the injured bird water and some medication. But the little one never made it.
All the while I wondered, where are the parents? They seemed to be possessive kind. But that day, they never showed.
Its been a week since and none of us have seen them.
Some of us never got a chance to say goodbye.Some like me, chose not to. The little one had suffered enough, why would i want to see him like that ? I remember him as the ugly little thing screeching at his mom for food -- that image appealed more to me.
I had said my goodbyes. I am sure he heard.

A couple of days back, a new pigeon family have come to occupy the ventilators. They seem happy, just like the old ones.

But yes, they hate summers too.


  1. Oh...I wonder what happened!!!?!?!? Poor things. So sad.

    The circle of life goes on...a warm welcome to the new pigeon fam!

    xx Cat brideblu

  2. Hey :)
    the baby pigeon had gotten hurt coz of the fans...
    They're usually on this time of the year..

    thanks.. the new family seems to be enjoying their stay :)