Sunday, October 10, 2010 you retreat to your "happy place"

"Speak to me, read my mind.. And I'll be yours, just give me time Give me time... Cause you have everything I could ever want You have everything I could ever want You speak to my soul like you've known it before And I just can't stop... Lord I can't stop, myself ... "

As I heard this song over and over again, I realized how much I missed the feeling of "new love"..
"New love" as i mention it, is something all of us have been through at some point of time... I did, about six years ago and however much I keep telling my friends I prefer being the girl I am now than going down that same road again, I miss it... I miss it more than I thought I did...
Those were the days when everything seemed perfect. Waking up at five in the morning to reach school before time just so you could catch a glimpse of him looking at you. All the songs in the radio were about how you felt (or at least that's what you thought). A few months back when I thought about it, I felt stupid and naive.
But now, as I sit here listening to an endless number of love songs I hate to admit how much I miss going through to it all. There's a certain charm to it (that eventually disappears when you're in a relationship with the person for almost a decade)...a certain cuteness that only the people going through it would know about.
I don't know when I can feel so again (or whether I would feel so at all) but I close my eyes and smile at the thoughts of "what could be" ...
Thus, I retreat to my "happy place"..
There I had no worries, just love songs playing in the background while I sat in the park alone watching a sunset, hoping to find love again....

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