Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bhitore Bahire Antore .....

All my fellow JU-ites would be familiar with the title...
And for those who aren't ....
It's about a bengali song called "Amar Bhitore Bahire Antore" which is an all time favourite in my college...Be it,Freshers' Day..Holi ... a free period... there would be a guy with a guitar and his fellow gang of singers who sit around singing this song...(not complaining,i join them too)
This is how i first heard this beautiful track ...

Today,as i sat listening to 3 doors down,whilst chatting with one of my seniors,Aniesha di..She asked me to listen to another version of this song...and I did..
It said "Priyo Rudra...Iti Taslima" .. The song was nothing but a poem by Taslima Nasrin for her late husband Rudra Muhammad.For those of who don't know,the song "Amar Bhitore Bahire.." is actually a poem written by Rudra Muhammad on his suicide note for his wife Taslima Nasrin.
The latter poem that Taslima wrote,was a reply to the poem he had written for her.
The fact seemed just as shocking and unexpected to me,as it may now seem to you.
The words of the song( if roughly translated) mean,
"Within me,in the is you,within my heart.."
We sing this song in college without a rhyme or may not have bothered me so much to think of the ways in which people i know sang it,if i didn't know the story behind this beautiful poem.I am ever so grateful to Aniesha di for telling me about the origins of this song..
Now, it would no longer be "just a song" ...
For someone to have written those words for his beloved,right before breathing his last, this song must hold a special place of respect and adoration ... The drunk (and the sober ones) should find another song to hum,and not this ...(its totally a personal opinion)

My conscience wouldn't let me consider this as a random track to be sung at parties and get togethers... Would your's ???


  1. y du i evn continue to listen to a song wch ws written on a suicidal/selfdestructive note.

    as a normal prsn wud understand >
    a love song enhances love...
    a sad song makes u feel lonely, more sad ..
    a destructive song will just help u to kill ur confidence within..
    d more u 'try to know', d more itz complicated,, but d end, ends up in zero ... den ur free.. but till den 'khichuri and mood-off`s r a regular unwanted parcel'..
    better notto goto details..

    so 'bhitor o bahire antore antore' is eider god/loved ones.. is a better option and is good fr d college bunkers wid a fander/givson guitar..
    free ka advice .. lena hain toh lo (just randomly came across and u left widda public "Would your`s ???" )

  2. Opinions differ..
    My motif wasn't to drill the thought into a ignorant mind..
    It was just a musing...

    Free ka likha hua advice...lena hai toh lo ;)
    Cheerio! :)

  3. yup, leye liya ..

  4. long time i read your blog.. and i must say that your writings are wonderful. .rahul