Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Swan Song

By the tips of my fingers someone got hold of me
I stirred in his volts like a dazed prophet
And the night snapped out of sight like a crazed hum.

Melancholy pins me to this lifeless tree
If i were he,
I would write the warrant before the bar is pulled.
Dangle, Dangle, Dangle -
like a soulless church bell,your hatred rings under the gray winter sky,
and like a choked voice in a faraway land , my screams ring through this endless wilderness.

Hush, the wolf gnaws at its prey!
Night falls.
Unmasked in this hour of peril,
she stands unafraid.
Riddled and fettered with ghosts to lie,
for Eternity calls.
A long drawn wail is heard -
Eternity calls.

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