Sunday, October 9, 2011


I wander through these desolate streets,
I see the light seeping through the bricks as I watch the colors drain out

I wander through these pathless roads,
not knowing where it'll lead me.

We're all in a masquerade,
whirling and twisting to a song called life
We're all in motion,
pretending and revolting through our days.

But pockets of sunshine hide beneath the gloom,
its a treasure hunt- who'd find it first?

Reminiscing as I walk down these roads again,
I don't wish to look back -
the past looms over like a monster, the future looks back as an unknown entity
But I walk on.
I walk on so i move further away from things familiar,
I walk on so i move in search of freedom,
I walk on so i see the end of these desolate roads.
But, I don't wish to look back -
the monsters of the past lay frittered in yesterday's sunset.


  1. Gin from Marko's cellar... well, looking back is equal to paying heed to the lost voices. U r not a fool. Inferred. :) :P