Tuesday, August 30, 2011

She stood staring at the rail tracks - she knew they could turn her into ashes in a matter of a few seconds.
"Ashes of roses"

"Love??" - No.
Images sliding through her young mind, none worth remembering - none worth a mention. At that moment, all she consciously thought about were the rail tracks.
Simplicity was no longer an existent quality in today's world, she wondered.
She was happy in her little bleak reverie but right then, her friend jerked her back to reality.
"next train e jai ? kotokhon AC metro r jonno idiot r moton boshe thakbo bol ? "

The next train turned out to be quite a crowded one.
She stared at the train blankly and exclaimed,
" Maybe the next one?"
" Oh yeah..ekdom. Shala, ajkal metro o local train hoe jache puro"

Rail tracks. Ashes of roses.
Happiness? No.
" Ei.. Am i a horrible person?"
" eki.. nah! why would you say that? do you forget how
you were in school?"
"that was quite a long time back"
"you're still you!"

The TV in the station played cheesy love songs. People rushed - some hovered, some moved on.
Right then, she saw a little boy waiting on the other side of the platform - eagerness spilling through his smile.
She remembered how she was once a carefree girl.
Carefree, happy and stupid.
She had believed evil didn't exist. Betrayal was just a word she had heard of in "Julius Caesar".
But, life had other plans for her.
Now, that image of her is hated - nay, despised.

"Chol ! etay jabi?"
" Eta toh khali.."
Emptiness. It seems to be acting as an epidemic.

" How many trains did we leave?"
" 3"
" How many more do you want to leave?"
" .... i dont know"
" Of course you know.. do you want to leave the next one?"
She thought. She thought for a long time.
" No. It's the right train.The next one."
From a distance, they heard the horn blow.

" EII !!!!!! AC METRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sure, it took one hour, thousands of painfully unconscious images and grief stricken jabs at the past -
But she knew it was the right train.
" God sent the rain.. He spared the rose.
But who sent the fire?"

( Dedicated to the woman behind all the craziness in my life.)

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