Sunday, August 14, 2011


I've had too many wanted and unwanted "interventions" in my life - in human form and otherwise.
At times, these little perks are well needed but usually, they're uncalled for.
I am not usually very vocal about how I feel - it somehow gives me a sense of happiness in knowing that my emotions are hard to fathom.
Usually, this is a factor most people I know take good advantage of :|

Advice. Interruption. Frustration. - its a chain reaction.
It starts with how "you must vent out your sadness.." and "what is bothering you" - plus, there is always the classic "you can tell me" if nothing else works out.
The minute you let the cat out of the bag , you see rottweilers everywhere.
Yes, I blame my own stupidity for most of such incidents.
I always wondered where the fault lay - in myself or others.
Its a little of both, i guess.I should learn to shut up at the right time and they should learn to disappear when they must.
On certain depressing days, you would yearn and yearn for an "intervention" from a close friend of yours. Someone who doesn't ask you to jump up your own arse and die when you're feeling suicidal.
These interventions are different. You want them - you expect to gain composure from them.
The rest would make you lose the little bit of composure you may or may not possess -
therefore, God Speed.
I've become good at dodging some of these much-too-nice-for-your own-comfort interventions (I think I have)
I give them my sly smile - and an "Absolutely. what would i do without you" look, which usually does the trick.
But, the minute am left alone, my mind goes back to wondering why such things happen in the first place.
Intervene when asked for and not when you're bored or have a sudden want to be Oprah.

In the recent past, certain interventions had scared the living daylights out of me - and i hope i don't have the misfortune to have another caring session of "intervention" counseling.

Yes, I am very mean.

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