Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love? Hate?

I see how you look at him,
Hatred burning in your eyes, grief burning in your soul
and I feel helpless... for my love can bring you no joy.
I see how he looks at you,
Indifference sparkling in his eyes, ignorance spilling from his voice
Mockery- I am no fool.
I stand there hearing you cry and I feel helpless.. for my love can bring you no joy.
I hear him scream..
I see the glow of anger on your face through the slit of the curtains..
And I stand by helpless ... for this love can bring you no joy.

I've lived my life knowing love existed..
If not in me, then in you.
But, now that dream lies broken- with its shattered pieces piercing my young skin
I look at you and I know what you want to say...
"Love is just an illusion.. Keep away"